Hausa Community Promises To Comply With Lagos Okada Ban

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The Arewa community directed its members to abide by the commercial motorcycles ban.

The Lagos State Arewa Community (LASACOMM) on Sunday, May 22 2022, directed its members to comply strictly with Lagos State’s recent ban on commercial motorcyclists (Okada) within the state and its environs through a communique it issued.


In the communique signed by the association’s Secretary General, Musa Saleh, it stated LASACOMM’s commitment to Lagos State’s laws whilst promising to aid the state government’s efforts in enforcing the ban and ridding it of the security threats that necessitated the commercial motorcycles ban.

The communique read in part, “We are law abiding and we will always continue to intimate all our members to continue to be law abiding and operate only within the ambits of the law.


“We support all measures taken by the Lagos State Government in its efforts towards protecting the lives and property of all residents.

“We condemn in totality the activities of all criminal elements, who are mostly foreigners from Niger Republic, Chad, Cameroon and other neighbouring countries, who have infiltrated the ranks of those genuine riders and thereby perpetrating all forms of crime in Lagos State and constitute serious threats to the lives and property of residents.

“We are calling on the Security Agencies to identify and arrest all those criminal elements masquerading as Okada riders.”

“We are also tasking the Nigeria Immigration Service to step up its actions along the border lines in checking the influx of those foreign elements coming into the country without genuine intention.”

The statement further enjoined its members to abide by the state’s laws while staying away from the stipulated areas as stated by the state authorities.

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