Agodi Garden And Resort: A Brief Walk Into A Haven Of Peace

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And needless to say, it is perfect for those who crave the quietness of solitude, picnics, a get-together with friends and family time out.

There are places in our world that reminds us of life’s beauty amidst the ugliness of man, Agodi Gardens is one of them.


Located in the city of brown roofs, Agodi Gardens is a tourist attraction that attracts every lover of life to Ibadan. The garden which sits at the foot of Old Mokola Hill was formerly known as Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens that was created in 1967.

However, the garden was destroyed by the historic Ogunpa flood disaster in 1980 as most of the animals were swept away by the raging water. But it would be renovated in 2012 by the Oyo State Government and reopened in 2014.


Agodi Gardens, which is an epitome of peace as a result of the abundance of forestry surrounding it, has a lot of nice features which include a water park, children’s play area, rides, picnic spots, restaurant area, a lake and a mini zoo.

It is very serene, lush and green. And needless to say, it is perfect for those who crave the quietness of solitude, picnics, a get-together with friends and family time out.

Agodi Gardens is also a first choice recreational facility for nature enthusiasts, garden parties, outdoor events, concerts and even weddings.

In addition, you can explore the mini zoo and check out the waterpark, as well as enjoy a boat ride with friends.

Of course, the kids are not left out as there are facilities like the swimming pool with inflated balloons. Furthermore, there’s a top class restaurant is available to cater to the abundance r to your food cravings.

  • One of the best times to visit Agodi Gardens is during the day or in the evening when you can just relax and enjoy the views.
  • The holiday period and festive seasons are also perfect for taking visits and network with other people at the park.

One of the best ways to get to Agodi Garden is by taking a cab or taxi from Ibadan city centre to the Parliament Road, Mokola Hills.

  • There are a number of timber play structures and water parks that can be found within Agodi Park and Gardens. You can be assured the children will have an exciting time with various physical activities to engage in.
  • Both adults and children can take advantage of the fun facilities at the water park consisting of about 3 swimming pools and water slides.
  • There is a large paved section with terraced lawn picnic area able to accommodate more than 1000 visitors at a time.
  • Check out the zoo and see wildlife in their natural habitats from a series of viewing points. Engage the tour guide and learn about the habits of a wide range of wildlife.
  • Take advantage of the serene environment at Agodi Garden and Park to meditate and enjoy a relaxing time.
  • You can use many scenic spots within the park for photo sessions.
  • Check out the restaurants within the parks for the various meal and snack options.
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