6 Simple Tips For Better Sleep

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A night of good night sleep is as important as having a well-balanced diet and regular exercises.

A restless mind is not a restful mind.  If you spend more time tossing around in your bed rather than sleeping try these tips.


Manage your worries: When you have a lot on your mind it can be so hard to fall asleep. This often leads to sleep deprivation and can take a toll on your physical and mental health. All you have to do is jot down what your worries and concerns are before bedtime.

Limit daytime naps: Daytime naps can be very enticing especially if the atmosphere is right for it and if you choose to nap, limit yourself to 30 minutes.


Pay attention to your diet: Avoid going to bed hungry and too full. Do not drink caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other chemicals that interfere with sleep because it takes hours to wear off

Exercise regularly: Exercise stimulates the body to secrete stress hormones cortisol, which helps activate the alerting mechanism in the brain make exercise part of your routines and give yourself a sleep boost.

Upgrade your bed: One-third of your day should be spent in bed, so everything from the mattress to your linens is an investment in how well you sleep. Head to your nearest mattress store and test out a few new options.

Explore therapy: Seeing a therapist for sleep deprivation should be considered if you are really serious about getting more sleep. If you think you don’t have the time, you can try online options which provide you with classes and sessions from the comfort of your home.

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