5 Things To Consider Before Buying Art In Nigeria

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Did you just move into a new space and you want to make it more interesting with a piece of art?

Are you looking to start purchasing art pieces? Here are five things to consider before buying art in Nigeria.


If you are getting a piece for yourself to hang at home, the first thing to consider is what you like. If you have no idea, then the best place to start is to visit an art gallery. This opens you to a wide range of options including different types and artists.

Before you pick a piece, you also need to consider the kind of atmosphere it will set where you place it. It is important to note that art affects the mood and atmosphere of the room it’s kept in. It can be captivating or boring.


You also need to note that this is something you get to see on a daily basis and hence you should go for something that is inspiring or exciting to look at.

Another thing to consider before buying art in Nigeria is your budget. Do not go into an art gallery or store without having a budget in mind.

This is important because it keeps you in check on instances where you get emotionally drawn to a particular piece of art that is very expensive.

When it comes to buying art, size always matters. There’s no point buying a massive piece that you will have nowhere to hang it, or buying a very small piece that you hang so high up the wall that you can’t even see or appreciate it.

Put into consideration where you want to hang the art and then determine the best size that will fit into that space.

You might have seen a piece you like, one that inspires you and you want to get it. Before you make this decision, it is important to check if the piece is made with quality materials.

This is important because if the piece is made with poor materials, it won’t age well and you might find yourself having to throw it out in a short amount of time.

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