5 Intriguing Deities In Yoruba Land

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Yoruba people believe that the deities in Yoruba land have lived on earth like humans and had wives and even kids.

They are known to be very staunch believers that idolize culture and believe so much in their gods. They are very religious and liberal-minded people. They are spirits sent down to the earth by Olodumare to offer guidance to the human race.


Each deity is unique and powerful with its own capabilities, and their followers on earth can call on them for guidance. Many orishas/deities started as mortal humans and became deities after their deaths.

Here are 5 shocking deities in Yoruba land:


Aganju was a warrior king who walked with a sword as his staff and was said to be the 4th king of old Oyo. He was known to fight by shooting fire from his sword. Aganju’s reign as king in Oyo brought about a flourishing industry, and he was said to be responsible for the gigantic building around the throne.

Osanyin is the orisha of the forest, herbs, and medicine. He is missing a leg and an arm and is blind in one eye. According to culture, his powers were discovered when his elder brother told him to weed the garden.

His brother returned and found Osanyin crying because he could not find any weeds in the garden; he said all the plants there had a use. He went on to teach other orishas about the use of plants.

Olofin is the ruler of the earth and one of the manifestations of the supreme God. He is known to be the conduit between Orún (Heaven) and Ayé (Earth).

She is the orisha of air and the younger sister of Oya, Sango’s third wife. Ayao is present in the small whirlpool and the eye of the storm. This orisha likes to live in the highest places of the Iroko tree and does not agree to go down to the ground no matter what.

It is believed that Ayao is the one who carries the messages to Ikú (Orisha of death) and Oya.

Erinle is the orisha of medicine, healing, and comfort, a physician to the gods. Erinle became an orisha as a result of the many good deeds he did for the people of his land.

It is believed that Erinle never experienced death; but rather, he became a river after his disappearance from earth, known as the Erinle river.

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