4 Shocking Factors That Might Be Affecting Your Eyesight

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Why do you have poor eye sight?

Contact Lenses UK researched 2000 of their UK based customers to discover how age, sleep, eye colour and gender can impact our eye health.


Woman have better eyesight, no wonder they know all the different variations of colours including onion purple and tomato red while men are largely clueless.

“Women have better colour vision (13%) than men (10%) according to research performed by leading eye health experts.


“Depth perception is the ability to see things in three dimensions (including length, width and depth), and to judge how far away an object is.” According to the American Association of Ophthalmologists.

Men took the lead when it comes to depth perception with 11% scoring the highest possible score compared to 10% of women.” The report says.

Younger people do not have better eyesight than older people. Young people have bad eyesight because of bad diet, screen time watching movies, pressing phone, using laptops and wrong prescription.

According to their research, “the older generations performed better in the “depth perception” game with a whopping 33% of 70-79-year-olds finding 80 per cent of the items. In comparison, just 23% of 18-29-year-olds scored in the top 80 per cent which raises a lot of questions about Generation Z and Millenials ‘ eye health.”

Younger people see more colour though.

“The younger group scored higher in the colour vision test, but only by a small margin, which is not what most would expect. Surprisingly only 2% of 18-29-year-olds answered all questions correctly whereas 1% of the groups aged 30-69 scored full marks. No one in the 70-89 bracket scored full marks. The bottom line is the reasons for vision deterioration can vary, and it is not just age.”

Sleep does so much for your eyes. It “is necessary to replenish the eyes and function well throughout the day. In a test, those who did not sleep did not perform as well as those who slept well or only partially struggled to sleep.”

“Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect colour vision, but also depth perception. If your job needs you to be careful with colour, you should get some sleep! Interior designer nap time, anyone?”

The colour of your eyes is not just for aesthetics. “In the colour vision eye test, those with hazel or brown eyes performed the best. When it came to depth perception those with Grey’s eyes scored highest, although it was very close in both tests.” However, grey eyes have more depth perception than brown eyes.

Grey eyes hardly matter in Nigeria because most people have brown eyes.

  1. Take a break from staring at screens.
  2. Use bluelight glasses if you spend all day looking at a laptop.
  3. Eat carrots, eggs, pumpkins, green vegetables and fish.
  4. Get enough sleep.
  5. Close your eyes in the middle of the day and rest them
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