10 Ways To Have A Tourist Experience In Your Town

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Nelson Mandela once said “there is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Despite having lived in a place for a long time, change is happening all around and inside you. There’s more adventure within your reach than you may think.

Home delivery services have turned us all into tourists whenever we step out to go anywhere within the community anyway.

Don’t have money, time, or simply energy, to get away? No worries. You don’t have to sit around waiting for “the moment”, fall in love with adventure again at your convenience with these activities.

1.Change some of your local currency into a foreign currency.

2.Go out and collect ingredients to prepare a local dish of your choice or your favourite. Another option is to immense oneself in the atmosphere of local food joints. Go on a local cuisine tasting spree and make some memories. go local food tasting at recommended joints.

3.Visit a local market. Make a list of things you might want to buy or necessities you might find there. Get the first hand experience that delivery services are scooping up for themselves.

4.Talk a walk through the villages/town.

5.Volunteer or support on a personal project/ personal cause in the community. Help an elderly or join a local program.

6.Experience the process of making a local product.

7.Go fishing or sailing (hunting?) with the locals. Practice caution.

8.Go on or recruit a biking tour around the village.

9.Visit an elderly or elders and ask them about the history of the town or simply stories from old age. Learn something practical or otherwise from them.

10.Get a room at a local hotel or AirBnB.

Take out your camera and record your experience. Document some of the experiences and activities you find, and people you meet.

Lastly, sometimes you don’t need to travel in space for an experience, you could travel in time.

  • Visit a childhood place.
  • Recreate a childhood memory or experience.
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